Pennsylvania's online poker options for US players

US poker fans like to know they can get an enjoyable game on online, and a big part of that is knowing that they've hit upon a fun, safe and legal poker room. Pennsylvania poker fans are not in an ideal situation as the state has not yet legalized online gambling, although law changes have been mooted recently. If all of this is seeming a little unclear, we aim to clarify things for you on this page. We not only take you through the legal issues specific to Pennsylvania, but we also know what US players are looking for in a good poker room, and have highlighted some top sites on this page.

On this page we take you through:

  • The legality of online poker in PA
  • Breaking down PA bill 1386
  • Will the bill be passed?
  • Why PA wants legal poker online
  • Whether you can play PA-based online poker sites
  • Playing international sites from PA
  • The future for PA online poker
  • FAQs we've answered for PA poker fans
Top Legal Poker Rooms

Can I play online poker legally in Pennsylvania?

Unlike New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, the state of Pennsylvania is yet to pass a law that explicitly permits online gambling. The good news is that powerful influencers in Pennsylvania appear to be working hard to get such a bill through, and online legal poker is at the very least on the agenda.

The impact of bill 1386 and what it means

In June 2014, PA state senator Edwin Erickson submitted bill 1386, which has at its core the proviso to make online poker legal in Pennsylvania.

A telling extract from the bill reads as follows: “Developments in technology and recent legal decisions have created an opportunity to legalize interactive poker as a means to further enhance and complement the benefits delivered by casino gaming, licensed facilities and the communities in which they operate.”

Will bill 1386 be passed?

It’s impossible to say. There may be reason to expect pushback, based on the reluctance of some officials to get behind online gambling generally.

That said, as an increasing number of states investigate the possibility of legal online gambling, PA won’t want to be left behind and lose out on all those glorious tax and licensing dollars if every other state is coining it in.

Why PA wants to make poker legal online

The answer to this one is a predictable one. Online poker has the ability to generate millions of dollars for Pennsylvania, by pulling in huge licensing fees from would-be providers and also collecting big sums in tax revenue.

Moreover, legal online poker would generate jobs and stimulate the economy generally in the area.

Are PA online poker sites already out there?

Based on the sheer number of online poker websites vying for your business, we’d have to assume yes. It’s currently illegal to operate an online gambling site from PA, however, so we would advise that you stay away from such sites until the law changes at state level.

What about playing international online legal poker sites from PA?

Plenty of international real money online poker sites will be open to Illinois residents for play. Whether you choose to register and make a deposit is your prerogative, but we would advise you speak to a qualified legal professional before doing anything you’re not sure about.

What does the future hold for online poker in Pennsylvania?

Our prediction is that eventually every state in America will have legal online gambling, and with PA making a good deal more strides than most, it shouldn’t be too long a wait before something positive happens.

It might not happen in 2015, or even 2016, but soon enough legal online gambling is coming to PA


Is online poker legal in Pennsylvania?

There is currently a bill in motion that would make it so if passed, but as we stand online poker is not legal in PA.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Pennsylvania?

PA residents can play the lottery and indulge in some pari-mutuel betting from the age of 18. They have to be aged 21 or over to enter a casino however.

Are there live casinos in Pennsylvania?

There are about a dozen live casinos in PA, offering a range of gambling options for punters.

Can I make deposits in Pennsylvania?

If you decide to sign up for online poker in PA, making a deposit should be achievable. Not all sites offer the easiest transaction methods, but as long as you’re flexible, they’ll be a way to get it done.