Go for the premier games at the top rated poker rooms

US poker fans are serious about their game. First and foremost they like to know that they are playing on a legal poker site and that everything is secure and above board. There are so many sites out there, though, and so many seasoned players hungry for a good level of game, that we know American poker fans want to find the best quality sites they can.

That’s why we put this page together as an overview of our top rated poker rooms. All the sites listed here are guaranteed to give you the best poker, the top bonuses and promotions, the best quality software and safe and secure banking.

Here are some of the things we will take you through:

  • Why play the top rated sites?
  • How we’ve rated the best ones
  • What makes a great legit poker site?
  • The key ratings factors you should look out for
  • What has held US rooms back before
  • Online poker’s bright future
Top Legal Poker Rooms

The importance of playing at a top rated site

Put simply, top rated legal poker US sites are the best place to put your money in 2015. They offer the best poker experience, with the greatest rewards, in the safest and most secure environment.

When you’re playing online legal poker for real cash, the most important decision you’ll make is the site you choose to play at. Playing at lawful poker top rated sites is the only way to go, especially with so many unregulated outlets on the internet that threaten to compromise your banking security.

We rated and reviewed the best ones

There are so many online poker sites out there now that making a choice can be overwhelming. Thankfully we’ve put together a list of the top rated legit poker rooms online so all you have to do is pick one and focus on playing the game instead.

Our ratings are based on a number of key factors. Amongst other things, we rank legal American top rated poker sites on their banking security, playability, range of playing options and the speed of payouts.

What makes a great legal poker site for US players?

Legal US top rated poker sites must deliver players an intuitive playing format, that lends itself to an experience as close to the Las Vegas casino floor as possible. Great sites should offer a variety of poker games, with a tournament offering to suit different needs and rapid payouts for winners.

Banking security is also vitally important. The legal online top rated poker sites must have the software to secure your banking details and make it easy to make deposits as and when you want to

Important rating factors

Top rated legal poker sites that are measured in two key areas, the poker experience and the speed and security of making and receiving payments. Only the very best sites make our list and we pull no punches when it comes to picking out weaknesses.

We also look at bonus offerings, pulling together all the elements to decide if the site in question deserves its place among legal top rated poker sites USA. It’s important to note our reviews are conducted by online poker experts.

What has traditionally held back US rooms?

Legality concerns have long held back US online poker rooms. We would recommend all US-based players refresh themselves on the laws surrounding online poker. That said, the laws appear to be moving in the direction of those who want to play real money poker online.

In terms of US players depositing at online lawful poker sites, there are no reported cases of individuals being prosecuted for doing so.

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only three states where it’s currently completely legal for US poker sites to set up and operate. Experts predict more states will follow in due course, with the potential tax windfall from such businesses a huge incentive.

Real money legal poker boom

We are living in a halcyon age for online poker, sparked by the popularity of professional tournaments and the publicity the game has received in recent years. Poker is more popular than ever and an ever-increasing number of players are getting their fix online.

As technology advances, we should expect the online poker experience to be enhanced with every year. Mobile and app-based play will eventually overtake desktop for popularity and real cash legit poker will enter a new era of functionality and portability.