We answer your questions about online poker in Florida

While Florida hasn't legalized online poker as a state, the game has plenty of fans there, and many continue to enjoy a good tournament, despite there being no Florida-based legal poker rooms. If you'd like the situation clarified, and to see what your options are as a US player, take a look at the page below. We've rated some excellent sites for great poker experience and have presented a shortlist of the very best here. We'll also help you with the following topics:

  • Can you play legal poker online in Florida?
  • Do Florida online poker players get in trouble?
  • Accessing and enjoying poker sites based in Florida
  • Playing international legal poker sites from Florida
  • Law changes and bills being considered
  • The latest from the Florida Senate
  • Online poker's future in Florida
  • The answers to Florida poker fans' FAQs
Top Legal Poker Rooms

Where does the law stand on online poker in Florida?

Only three states in America have passed bills to legalize poker online, and Florida is not one of them. That said, Florida’s laws on online gambling are hard to decipher and some claim they don’t explicitly outlaw the playing of poker for real money at websites. As always in these circumstances, however, we’d advise you consult with a legal professional for qualified advice.

Do online poker players risk prosecution?

There’s always a first time, but we can’t find a single example of somebody being charged or prosecuted for playing real cash legal poker online in Florida. This would appear to suggest playing the best legal poker sites in Florida comes with minimal risk to the man or woman at the table.

The law on poker sites hosted in Florida

Until it’s made legal to play real money online poker in Florida, sites will not be allowed to set up and operate there. Once a bill is passed, those who wish to provide legal poker online, Florida-style, will almost certainly need to apply for a license first.

Playing international legal poker sites from Florida

Floridian legal poker online remains a grey area in 2015, there are a good number of international sites that will allow Floridians to register and play real cash hands. What’s important here is choosing the best, and most trustworthy options.

Poker bills currently being considered

There are several bills being considered that could impact online poker in Florida. They include the much-talked about 2013 internet freedom act, written by Joe Barton. Republican Barton is seeking to allow real money poker websites in America to apply and work under a nationwide operating license.

The Florida Senate Gaming Committee

In February 2014, the Florida Senate Gaming Committee released a gaming reform bill, but there was no real mention of online poker in it. There is the suggestion in some quarters that a separate bill will be forthcoming, and hope remains strong that Floridian legal poker for real money will happen sooner rather than later.

The future for online legal poker in Florida

Florida has a strong association with poker. With backing from all those players and key influencers in the state’s political structure, we should expect the legalization of online poker to arrive in the very near future.

Why Florida will legalize online poker

As with everything, it comes down to money. Florida already generates in excess of $350 million each year from casinos and other gambling-related industries. Add the potential revenue from online poker into the mix and you’re adding huge amounts of money to the economy. It can all be taxed, jobs are generated and everybody goes home happy.


Is online poker legal in Florida?

Not yet, though the campaign continues to make it happen and have Florida join Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Florida?

The legal gambling age in Florida is 21.

Are there live casinos in Florida?

There are over 30 casinos to choose from in Florida, including the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa.

Can I make deposits in Florida?

The answer is usually yes, but each top online real cash poker website has different ways of making it happen. Don’t always rely on traditional money transfer methods.