Online poker and the law in Virginia

US players are not in the most poker sympathetic state when it comes to Virginia. Online gambling remains banned here, and the situation seems unlikely to change anytime soon. This is not the end of the story, however, as plenty of players manage to enjoy poker games despite the laws, albeit not necessarily legal poker games. If you'd like to know how you fit into this picture, we'll take you through the legal situation and the quality poker rooms we've recommended.

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What hope is there for online legal poker in Virginia?

Three states in the USA have already legalized online poker, being Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. The hope for Virginia residents is that eventually their state might follow suit (pardon the cards pun), but there is little encouragement to suggest it will happen in the very near future.

Where does Virginia stand on gambling in general?

Like Georgia and North Carolina, Virginia comes at gambling with a relatively conservative mindset. That said, you can place bets at racetracks, take part in pari-mutuel gambling and play the state lottery. But there are no legalized, land-based casinos in Virginia.

But can I play online poker in Virginia?

If you want to play real money online poker in Virginia, there are plenty of sites that will let you register and deposit. VA has not passed a law to make it legal, but we can’t find any evidence to suggest those playing online poker in the state will be charged or prosecuted. That said, we’re not lawyers and it’s always best to talk to those who know the law.

What’s the law pertaining to online poker sites based in VA?

It’s illegal to operate any kind of real cash poker game in Virginia, which includes a website that offers the Internet version. We’d advise steering clear of any online poker sites you know to be based in VA.

Can I play international online poker from VA?

There are certainly a good number who will let you register and play. It’s always best to research sites as thoroughly as possible, of course, to lessen the chance of being scammed or having your bank details stolen. We offer a reviews section of all the world’s top online legal poker sites.

Why would VA consider legalizing online poker?

When it comes to online legal poker, Virginia knows there are huge potential benefits to the economy on offer. Tax revenue, new jobs and the potential of a thriving new industry in the state are the tempting factors that have already convinced Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada to make online poker legal.

What does the future hold for online poker in VA?

There’s little to suggest Virginia will move fast on online poker. The state is yet to offer land-based casino licenses, and there are fears that by making online poker legal, Virginia would be leading its population towards possible gambling addiction. However, if the tide of legalizing online poker sweeps the nation, VA might be won over.


Is online poker legal in Virginia?

No bill has been passed in Virginia to legalize online poker. With Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada having already made the move, there’s an argument that all 50 of the states will eventually find the huge moneymaking potential too tempting to turn down.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Virginia?

You can play the state lottery and take part in pari-mutuel betting from the age of 18 in Virginia.

Are there live casinos in Virginia?

There are no live casinos in Virginia.

Can I make deposits in Virginia?

When the Federal government cracked down on Internet gambling it had implications for deposit methods in America. A number of credit card companies have backed out of the online gambling business, but there are an increasing number of alternatives to use in 2015. There’s nearly always a way.