Play at Legal Online Poker Sites in Texas

Having not yet legalized online gambling, you won't find many legal poker sites in Texas. Certainly poker sites aren't able to operate in the state, although this hasn't stopped many players from enjoying tournaments online. Furthermore, legislation to legalize online poker has been drafted and discussed in the not too decent past, so things remain in flux. We give you a better picture of the Texas legal situation on this page, and our experts have also highlighted a shortlist of the best poker sites for US players.

Our Texas pages goes on to discuss:

  • Whether you can play online poker legally in Texas
  • Any risks that are involved
  • Texas-based online poker websites
  • Playing international sites in Texas
  • The internet freedom act
  • The future for online poker in Texas
  • The FAQs our players have come up with
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Can I play online poker in Texas legally?

Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada remain the only three states in American to pass bills that make online poker legal at state level. Texas is yet to pass a law to permit online gambling, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a large number of Texans actively engaged in the world of real money online poker in 2023.

What are the risks of playing online poker in Texas?

The chance of being arrested or prosecuted for playing online poker in Texas is extremely slim. In fact, we can’t find record of a single instance where this has happened. We would still recommend you consult with a qualified legal profession to formulate the best possible decision however.

Where does the law stand on Texas-based online poker sites?

It is illegal for online poker sites to operate out of Texas. That will change if a bill is passed at state level to mimic those put in place by Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

Texans playing international online poker websites

Legal or not, many online poker sites from outside the US make it possible for Texas residents to register and play for real cash. We are yet to find a case of a Texan being prosecuted for registering with an overseas site, but that doesn’t mean you should rush ahead without consulting the requisite legal advice first.

What is the internet freedom act?

The internet freedom act was introduced in July 2013 by Texas representative Joe Barton. If passed, it would make online poker legal for licensed websites all across America.

“Poker is an all-American game; I continue to be supportive of the Americans who play poker online,” said Barton. “They deserve to have a legal, on-shore system that makes sure everyone is playing in an honest, fair structure.”

When will it be passed?

Bills like the internet freedom act can take years to go before a committee and potentially be put to the house and senate of the US government. Upon all parties being in favor, the US president would ultimately sign the bill.

Where does the law stand on gambling in Texas generally?

There is a legalized lottery in Texas, and also some legalized gambling on horse and dog racing. Outside of that, there is one casino, run by the Kickapoo traditional tribe in Eagle Pass.

Most other forms of gambling, including online poker, are deemed illegal.

Texas gambling cruises

Because of the tight gambling regulations and lack of casinos in Texas, an industry sprung up offering cruises into waters where punters can gamble legally at sea.

These cruises take Texans away from local jurisdiction, in the same way air travel allows for duty-free purchases in mid-air.

What’s the future for legal online poker in Texas?

Bills passed in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada would suggest lawmakers at state level are becoming increasingly receptive to the idea of generating tax revenue through legalized online poker.

With several pro-online poker bills pending, we would expect legalized online poker to come to Texas before too long. In the meantime, sites operating worldwide will continue to make their tables available to Texan residents.


Is online poker legal in Texas?

Not yet, although there is support for it being so and progress is being made.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Texas?

The legal age for gambling in Texas is 21.

Are there live casinos in Texas?

Yes, but only one of them!

Can I make deposits in Texas?

This will vary site to site. Some traditional deposit methods may not be available, but there will usually be a way to get it done.