Poker fans get to enjoy a good game in Delaware

As one of the three states to have legalized online poker, Delaware offers a range of excellent legal poker choices for US players. To help you narrow things down, our experts have thoroughly vetted all of the sites available to create our shortlist of the very best poker rooms for players. Take a look through this page and we'll show you:

  • Where to play legal online poker in DE
  • How legal poker works in Delaware
  • What interstate online poker is
  • The best legal poker sites in DE
  • The global sites to play from Delaware
  • Delaware's future for legal online poker
  • How legal poker is on the up
  • The answers to players' FAQs
Top Legal Poker Rooms

Legal online poker comes to Delaware

If you love poker and you live in Delaware, you’re in luck. The first state is just one of three in America to have legalized online poker in 2015, which means you can log right on and play without any fear whatsoever of legal repercussions. The other two states with legal poker are New Jersey and Nevada.

How the legal poker business operates in DE

When Delaware passed its online gambling bill in 2012, it was decided that 888poker would be the provider for the three licensed gaming sites to run in the state. The established online poker company works in partnership with Scientific Gaming, adhering to rules set out by the Delaware lottery.

When is interstate poker play coming to Delaware?

In 2023, Delaware and Nevada signed a ‘Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement’, which is the first of its kind in the industry. What it means is the online players in DE and Nevada will be able to play against each other, when logged on to certain sites that are licensed in both states. New Jersey may yet join them.

What are the best Delaware legal poker sites to play in?

The three licensed options all effectively offer the same product, powered by 888poker, so choice is limited if you stick to the authorized options. The good news is 888poker is a well-respected online poker provider, offering a good range of poker formats.

Playing global legal poker sites from Delaware

Plenty of global poker sites will accept Delaware players and allow you to register from a DE base. If you choose to go down this road, all we’ll say is make sure you vet the websites in advance and do everything possible to ensure you don’t get scammed or have your banking details stolen.

What does the future hold for legal online poker in DE?

Delaware has already proved itself to be a driving force when it comes to real money online poker in America. With the intrastate deal with Nevada already in place, we should expect something similar with New Jersey to happen in due course. From there, it’s up to DE to lead the innovation in this brave new world and continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

Figures on the up for online legal poker in DE

This quote comes from, outlining the online poker figures for DE in September 2014.

“Delaware online poker posted its best rake numbers since May.  The Delaware Lottery reported poker raked in $38,654 in August, up 24 percent from July.  This gain was nearly identical to the amount casino games declined from the previous month.  Table games took in $100,029, while slots and video poker won $34,170.”


Is online poker legal in Delaware?

Yes. Delaware is one of three US states to have passed bills making online poker legal.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Delaware?

You can play the state lottery and take part in pari-mutuel betting from age 18 in Delaware. To enter a casino you need to be 21 or over however.

Are there live casinos in Delaware?

Yes there are live casinos in Delaware. They include the Harrington Raceway and Casino.

Can I make deposits in Delaware?

Yes, making deposits should prove a smooth and fast process if you stick to the licensed online poker websites in Delaware. If you go outside of those, there will be plenty of deposit solutions to choose from at the top legal poker sites. The important point here is always to research the deposit method thoroughly for speed and any fees involved.