The outlook for poker fans in Arizona

While Arizona is not one of the three states that have legalized online poker, many US fans have been getting their game on nonetheless. It's harder to find a legal poker room for the state, as the law forbids a site from running out of Arizona. However, we've found a range of good sites from other areas and have thoroughly vetted them to ensure they will offer our players a good game. Take a look through this page to find out:

  • Whether online poker is legal in AZ
  • The benefits of playing legal online poker
  • If you can play without worry in Arizona
  • What online poker websites there are in AZ
  • How to play global sites from Arizona
  • What Arizona influencers say about the law
  • What the future is for online poker in Arizona
  • The answers to some Arizona FAQs
Top Legal Poker Rooms

Where does Arizona stand on the business of online poker?

All 50 states have had an invitation from the Federal government to submit and approve bills to legalize online poker at state level. Thus far, only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have taken up the offer. Arizona is yet to make a move.

Why would Arizona consider legalizing online poker?

The biggest motivation for legalizing online gambling is the potential revenue it could bring in. AZ could charge millions for licenses and then collect tax on the money made by the industry. Moreover, there’s the argument it would create jobs and boost the state’s economy generally.

What if I choose to play online poker in AZ anyway?

The truth is many people in AZ are already playing online poker on a regular basis. We’ve yet to find an example of anybody being prosecuted for playing real money poker, though we would always advise you consult with a qualified legal professional before moving forward.

Can legal online poker websites operate out of Arizona?

The simple answer is no. As no bill has been passed and no licenses have been issued for legal online poker, Arizona is not the place to set up your online poker website. We’d also advise against registering and depositing at Arizona-based poker websites you might come upon.

Can I play legal global online poker websites from AZ?

There are many top real cash poker websites that will accept Arizona players for registration. The most important thing here is ensure your banking security and that you’re playing at the most trusted destinations for real money online poker (we have site reviews and ratings to help you out here)

What are the influential people of AZ saying about legalizing online poker?

Said Valerie Spicer, executive director of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, in January 2014:

“We know that Internet gaming is poised for movement on the federal level. Will we actually see a bill? Will it get approved or stymied by one of gaming’s largest operators? While states continue to approve Internet gaming, tribes need to consider all the business aspects of online gaming.”

What does the future hold for online poker in Arizona?

We would expect a bill to be put forward at some point in the near future, though there’s no guarantee such a bill would be passed in AZ. While some are behind the notion of legalized online poker, others believe it would have a negative impact on the state’s economy.


Is online poker legal in Arizona?

Arizona is yet to pass a bill legalizing online poker. That’s not to say it won’t happen, and there are certainly parties who want it to happen, but there’s also plenty of resistance at this time.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Arizona?

You have to be 21 in Arizona to play the lottery, take part in pari-mutuel betting and to walk into casino.

Are there live casinos in Arizona?

Yes, there are a good number of casino choices in Arizona. They include the Blue Water Resort and Casino, the Apache Gold Casino Resort and the Casino Arizona.

Can I make deposits in Arizona?

New deposit methods are appearing all the time. While it’s not always possible to use the most popular credit cards at the top online poker websites in America, plenty of very good alternatives have flooded the market. The key is to find a reliable, trustworthy service that suits your needs.