Our Top Tips for Legal Poker Gaming in the US

US gamers want to make the most out of their legal poker games once they've found a quality online poker room. This page is designed to help you get the most important things right when you play online poker for real money in 2016. Take our advice and you’ll give yourself the best chance of taking home the pot. Our tips guide takes you through:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • The Trusted legal poker sites
  • Careful betting
  • Being patient
  • How one table is plenty
  • Tracking your wins
  • Finding those fish
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Getting some sleep

Get a good welcome bonus

Trawl the legal poker sites out there and you’ll find a huge variety of offerings when it comes to welcome bonuses. It’s vital you select the site that offers the best value to a new player, and not to be fooled by sites that appear to be offering a lot but if you look carefully have certain conditions in place.

Play real money legal poker at a trusted site

When you sign up for real money online poker, you entrust that site to be secure with your banking details and your personal information. You’re also trusting that the site is an online legal poker website, and not a scam site set up to fleece you. That’s why it’s vitally important you reference our reviews and rankings of the safest sites to play online.

Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose

There’s no thrill like playing poker for real money online, but we urge that you act responsibly with what you wager. You should always work out what you can afford to lose and play knowing you’ll be ok if you lose it. Getting yourself into debt can be a dangerous spiral.

Don’t play every hand

We get it. We know you love online poker and you’d be playing 24 hours a day if you could, but it’s important to take time to evaluate while you’re online at a real cash site. If you get too carried away and never take a break, you’re going to get mentally frazzled and that’s going to negatively impact your ability to make smart decisions.

Don’t play multi-table online poker

One poker game is plenty to keep your mind whirring and challenge your skills. Those who try to play multiple tables at the same time are simply diluting their chances at all of them, and also taking away from some of the enjoyment that comes from focusing intensely on the game at hand.

Track your online poker wins

Tracking your poker performance is a great way to measure how you’re playing, and to spot any trends in your form at the table. It’s also a good tool for managing your poker finances.

Find the fish

‘Fish’ is the name given to raw poker players who don’t really know what they’re doing. Finding fish is a great way to increase your chances of winning and stack the odds in your favor.

Don’t drink and play online poker

Just as alcohol makes you a worse driver, it also negatively impacts your ability to play smart poker. Our advice is to avoid drinking while you’re playing, if you want to stay sharp and make the right calls. Too much booze will affect every facet of your poker play and you’ll be there for the taking.

Don’t play poker tired

Mental freshness is key when you’re playing online poker. Don’t make the mistake of playing legal poker when you’re half-asleep or absolutely exhausted. Your wallet will pay for it. The best bet if you’re tired is always to get some well-needed rest before returning to the table. The beauty of online poker is there will always be a table waiting for you.