Find The Top Legal Poker Venues Online

Poker is a huge game for US players, and its popularity is ever increasing thanks to the prevalence of online poker rooms. With so much choice it's important for fans to find sites that can offer fantastic tournaments at a range of stakes. Our experts have vetted a shortlist of top sites that can offer just this, plus excellent tools and features that ensure players get a fast, safe and legal poker game.

Here are some of the things we'll take you through on this page:

  • Poker's legal status in the US
  • How we rate legit sites
  • International sites and US players
  • Whether poker is getting more popular in America
  • What to expect from lawful poker sites we recommend
Top Legal Poker Rooms
Legal US Poker Map

Getting your money easily is something that every player is concerned with, that's why easy withdrawal methods are top of our list when reviewing poker sites.


Playing poker online should be easy and fun, so difficult software installation is something to avoid. Play at one of our sites where the download process is simple and painless.


Our recommended poker sites all have high levels of traffic, meaning that you will never have to worry about playing at a half full table or even worse, an empty one.


Providing their users with plenty of deposit options means a poker site has thought about what its players want. You'll find a variety of deposit methods at our recommended sites.


Brilliant game selections are important to players, that's why we've made sure that all our suggested sites have a wide range to suit everyone's interests.


Top-of-the-range security measures are something that we see as a must have before we will recommend a poker site, so you can feel safe in your online gambling when you choose one of our sites.


Having a good customer support team is integral to a great poker site, we've only picked out those sites that provide their customers with brilliant customer services.


VIP and loyalty programs give players the chance to earn back on their betting, so we've made sure that our suggested sites have the most rewarding of VIP programs.


One of the underrated bonuses offered at online poker sites, make sure you take advantage of the freerolls offered at the poker rooms listed on this site.

Is poker legal in the US?

Yes, providing you play at legal poker sites and online poker is permitted in the state you reside in. Though some states have laws in opposition to online gambling, prosecutions are rare and federal intervention highly unlikely.

Legal US poker sites are plentiful, and the law appears to be moving in the direction of allowing players from all states to access them. Some excellent American poker sites are already hugely popular, and completely legit, for US players in certain states.

While we can provide guidance on legal poker sites in America, and help you choose the very best ones to play at, we would advise consultation with an attorney if you have a serious question with regard to lawful matters.

Why is it important to play at legal sites?

Internet poker is an easy target for unscrupulous websites set up to scam you, take your real money and steal your banking details. It is therefore vital that you play at legal poker sites, such as the ones we recommend and have carefully assessed for you.

Online poker sites in the US are easy to find, but it’s vitally important you use more than Google. The best legal poker sites are regulated and deliver a secure environment for players.

How we rate and review the legal sites out there

To find the best legit poker sites in US circulation, reference our vetted list and check out the ratings. American legal poker sites have been graded out of five stars by experts, with the score calculated based on a number of important factors.

What we base scores on

Banking security is our first consideration. The best online sites for US players MUST offer a trusted platform for secure deposits. Equally, legal online poker sites must deliver fast real cash-outs and pay winnings as quickly as possible.

The rating also takes into account the variety of poker games on offer, along with the regularity of tournaments. If you want to play legal poker USA-style, check out our guide first.

Are international sites moving in to the US?

A number of international internet poker sites accept players in the US. There are opportunities to play hands with players in our countries, but we would always advise you consult a legal expert before registering if based in the USA.

All overseas-based US friendly poker rooms should be vetted carefully before you register.

Is US poker growing?

Yes, very much so. US lawful poker online and in casinos has never been more popular, thanks to the growth of interest in the professional game and the publicity given to poker in the media generally. The mood in 2023 is just a sign of things to come.

Online poker for real money is growing all the time. With officials acting to make online poker legal in USA states all over the country, we can expect that trend to continue.

What can you expect from US poker sites?

Players can expect to find all their favorite poker variations at legal poker US sites. Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Razz, Badugi, Stud are just a few of the options available.

You can also expect a wide variety of tournaments, to suit players of all abilities.

What can you expect from the sites we recommend?

Put simply, the very best of online legal poker USA. We have highlighted the top sites for 2023, so you don’t have to.

If you want to play US legal poker sites in 2023, our list is the go-to resource.

Poker computer compatability

With so many different devices on offer in today's society is important that a good poker site makes its games accessible across multiple platforms.

That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to put together a guide to which sites can be played on which device, as well as how to start playing, whether it be through downloading software or playing in your internet browser.

We've also put together any extra information on the perks that may be available to those playing on certain devices, such as bigger sign-up bonuses.