Top up your poker bankroll with a healthy welcome bonus

Poker rooms and casinos want you to play poker just as much as you do, and compete with each other online to get you seated at their tables. This is why US players will find they are almost always offered large bonuses in USD for signing up with a new legal poker site. Not all bonuses and promotions are equal, however, and so we’ve put a guide together to help you watch out for tough playthrough requirements and get the best bonus reward for you.

On this page we’ll tell you:

  • How legal poker bonuses are handed out
  • The ways to access bonuses
  • What a match bonus is
  • The other types of bonuses available
  • How to find the best bonuses
  • The way to unlock bonuses
  • All about real money deposits
  • The bonus mistakes to avoid
Top Legal Poker Rooms

How do US poker sites hand out bonuses?

When you sign up to play real money poker in the US, there will often be a bonus reward when you make your initial deposit. For those playing legal poker, best bonus offerings are an important consideration when choosing which site to play at.

Bonuses can be offered in a number of different ways. Some sites match your initial deposit, or even better it. Some do that and also pay a bonus when you “reload” your deposit account. There are also sites that simply put a real cash amount in your deposit account when you sign up.

How do you access bonuses at legit poker sites?

Getting the full benefit of top legal bonus poker sites, USA or elsewhere, usually involves either having a bonus code handy, or clicking through on a bonus link.

Bonus codes are easy to come by and you simply enter the code when prompted during the sign-up process. Links to play legal online poker in 2015 with the best bonuses are also highly prevalent on the internet.

What are match bonuses?

Match bonuses are the most common type of bonuses among the legal best bonus poker sites in America. There is usually a limit involved, with the poker site matching your first deposit up to a certain amount.

The legal online poker sites with the best bonuses may, for example, take your initial deposit of $1,000 and add another $1,000 into your account.

Reload, first-time and referral bonuses

An example of a reload bonus would be if you made your initial deposit, then added to it with a second deposit at a later date. A lawful poker site offering a reload bonus would make a payment into your account to acknowledge your loyalty.

Some of the online poker sites with the best bonuses that are legal in America also offer referral bonuses. These are amounts paid when you refer a friend to the site and he or she makes a deposit.

We found the best ones

With so many claiming to be the legit American top bonus sites for online poker, we have reviewed and rated the various options on offer.

Calculating your potential reward, and how easy (or not) is it to clear the bonuses involved, we`ve listed the best in the market so you don`t have to trawl the internet, or risk losing money by choosing the wrong option.

How you unlock a bonus

To unlock bonuses you generally have to play a certain number of hands at the real money poker site you’ve signed up for. Legal poker bonuses will be tied into your commitment to play regularly and it’s therefore vitally important you read the terms of a bonus offer before signing up.

In some cases, bonuses will be paid into your account in stages. In others, reaching a certain milestone, in terms of player loyalty, will release the full amount into your account.

Make a real money deposit

Bonuses are reserved for players who make real money deposits at legal poker sites. Real money is where the true thrill or poker is, and to be eligible for a bonus you need to commit with a real money stake to get started.

Pick a bonus you can unlock

Don’t make the mistake of signing up for a bonus you have no chance of unlocking. If you’re not going to play the required number of hands to unlock the lawful poker bonus, look elsewhere for a lower real cash amount with a lesser requirement, in terms of playing time.