Western Union, your passport to online poker

Western Union’s big appeal for legal poker online is the same as its appeal in the wider world, namely that you can choose between making a cash deposit in branch and funding your payments with a credit or debit card. Many US poker fans like to take the first option of using physical cash and keeping their privacy intact, avoiding handing over financial and banking information to legal poker sites. Whichever option you choose, you want to be sure you can enjoy a fast and painless transaction process. That’s why we’ve gone through a plethora of sites with a fine-tooth comb to bring you the very best on this page.

Take a couple of minutes to read on and discover:

  • All about Western Union
  • How to make a western union deposit for online poker
  • What a control number is and how to get one
  • The speed of western union poker deposits
  • Whether all legit poker sites take Western Union deposits
  • The advantages of Western Union for online poker
  • The disadvantages of Western Union for online poker
  • The best Western Union lawful poker sites
  • How we rate our recommended sites
Top Legal Poker Rooms

What is western union?

Western union is a massive American company that provides a variety of financial and business services in 2015. They are best known these days for facilitating the transfer of funds from one party to another, by charging a fee to do so. This can be achieved both in person, at a western union branch, or online.

First steps to make western union deposits for online legal poker

Online poker sites that accept western union will first require you to register. There may also be the requirement to download their bespoke software, after which you will want make an initial deposit into your account. At this point you will need to find out the specific account information to send your western union transfer to.

Using cash or credit card to make western union transfers

There are two main choices when it comes to western union - heading into physical western union location and handing over real cash (plus fees), or making a payment via a credit card online at westernunion.com. Once you make a deposit, you’ll be given a western union control number, which will be required to validate the transaction with the poker site.

How quickly do western union payments clear in your online poker account?

After you present the real money poker website with the western money control number linked to your deposit, the funds should appear in your online legal poker account very quickly.

Does every online poker site accept western union as a deposit method?

No. There are plenty that do, but each poker website varies in the method of deposit they accept. Should the site you really want to play not accept western union, your preferred method of deposit, don’t worry. There are always alternative options available for deposit, as there are alternative legal poker websites to play at.

What are the advantages of using legal poker western union deposits?

A lot of people like western union for legit online poker because it’s a straightforward way of managing your funds - particularly if you choose the option of depositing real cash at a western union location. From a privacy standpoint, there’s also the fact you can avoid having online poker references on your bank or credit card statement.

What are the disadvantages of using western union for online poker deposits?

The most obvious disadvantage would be the extra step involved in making deposits to your online poker account. Having to first send real money to western union adds time to the transaction and brings extra hassle to the process. There’s also the added worry of getting a control number wrong, or the account details for the online poker site wrong.

We found the top western union legal real money poker sites

If you plan to use western union for your online lawful poker needs then we’ve done the hard work for you. Our real money poker experts have rated and reviewed all the best sites out there, to put together an exhaustive list of the ones should play and the ones you should avoid.

How do we rate legal poker online websites?

We’re big on your banking security and the general reliability and trustworthiness of online legit poker sites. We also look very carefully at the variety of poker games on offer, the tournaments they put on and the general functionality of the poker they’re providing.