How to get a good poker game on in Washington

While Washington has yet to legalize online poker, many US players are managing to enjoy their favorite game online despite the law. For those holding out for a legal poker game, there are potential law changes on the horizon. On this page we'll take you through how the law stands for now, and also where players can get a quality game on at our recommended poker rooms online.

Our Washington page takes you through:

  • Whether online poker is legal in Washington State
  • What happens to those who play anyway
  • The sites hosted in Washington
  • Sites based outside of the US
  • Potential poker legislation changes
  • Gambling laws in Washington generally
  • What the future holds for online poker in Washington
  • Our Washington poker fans' FAQs
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Where does the law stand on online poker in Washington?

Unlike New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, Washington State has yet to pass a bill legalizing online poker. Some suggest such a bill is imminent, while others believe Washington may still be a year or two from making it happen.

What happens to those who try to play online poker?

We have yet to find a case of somebody playing online poker being prosecuted in Washington State. We’re not saying you can go ahead and play freely without worry, just that it appears the law is more concerned with those operating online poker sites than those playing them.

Can you host an online poker site in Washington?

If you’re looking for legal poker sites, Washington-based operations are not in the equation. It’s illegal to operate a real money online poker website from Washington State and those who do are likely to get themselves in trouble.

What about playing online at sites based in other countries?

As mentioned, online poker is legal in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. It’s also legal in other parts of the world, which means there are a huge number of top sites out there trying to attract your business.

Some sites will make it possible to register and make a deposit from a Washington base. We would advise you to act with caution here and consult a lawyer before making a commitment.

Online poker legal bills under consideration

There are a number of bills being considered that could influence the standing of online poker in Washington. One example is the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013, which would open the door for licensed sites to operate in Washington and Washington residents to play freely for real money.

Gambling laws generally in Washington State

Commercial casinos are permitted in Washington State. There is also a lottery running, but betting on horse races is not allowed.

Washington is by no means a traditional hotbed of gambling activity in the US, though a collection of 28 Indian-owned casinos certainly suggests the interest is there.

What the future holds for online poker in Washington

The momentum in America appears to be with those who want to legalize online poker and generate huge amounts of tax revenue for the government as a result.

With Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already up and running, Washington won’t want to be too far left behind if the others are piling up huge mountains of cash. Expect the legalization of online poker in the next couple of the years.


Is online poker legal in Washington?

No, not yet, although most expect a bill be passed soon to make it so.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Washington?

Some casinos allow those aged 18 or over, but the typical age limit is 21 for gambling-based activities.

Are there live casinos in Washington?

Yes, there are around 30 casinos operating in the Washington State area.

Can I make deposits in Washington?

This will vary on a site-by-site basis, but the general rule is there will nearly always be a way to transfer funds. It might not be the simplest, but changes to the law in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware should improve things in this area beyond 2023.