US players' online poker options in Maryland

US poker fans in Maryland are in a state of limbo somewhat, wondering whether the authorities will legalize online gambling and make Maryland just like those states that already do host legal poker games or not. For the moment, US poker fans continue to play at their own risk. If you'd like the situation explained, we aim to help you here. Our experts vet online poker rooms to ensure safe and quality gaming, and are in the know about jurisdictions and gambling law.

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Where does the state of Maryland stand when it comes to online poker?

Three states in the US have already passed bills to make online poker legal, being New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Maryland is yet to make a move, although speculation suggests a bill may be in the works. It’s another question entirely as to whether such a bill would be approved at state level.

Why would Maryland want to legalize online poker?

With neighboring state Delaware already reaping the financial benefits, via licensing fees and taxation, Maryland officials may ultimately decide they can’t afford to miss out. According to, Maryland is among a handful of states that may be in favor of a bill that limits online gambling activity to just online poker.

Can I play online poker in Maryland without risking criminal charges?

Our advice is always to consult with legal experts when it comes to matters like this, but thus far we’ve found no evidence of a MD resident being prosecuted or charged as a direct result of playing online poker. The law does appear to be softening in this area, though we are not qualified to provide a formal answer.

What about playing online poker sites based in MD?

We would strongly advise against doing this. It is illegal to host an online poker site in Maryland and there is evidence that the authorities will seek to prosecute those making profits from running such an enterprise in the state. For that reason, you’re best avoiding playing the best poker sites in MD.

What are influencers saying about online poker in MD?

Said house speaker Michael Busch, back in 2012, of the need for internet gambling in the state: “In order to maintain a healthy and competitive gaming program that attracts players from beyond Maryland’s borders and keeps Maryland gamers at home, we must put our gaming program on par with other jurisdictions in the Mid-Atlantic.”

What does the future hold for online poker in Maryland?

There’s a sense that Maryland wants to see how things unfold in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada before making a bold move with the legalization of online poker. Should those states enjoy a success story, we should expect MD to move forward and a legal poker bill to be put before the house.


Is online poker legal in Maryland?

No, not yet anyway. The only three states in the USA to have passed bills legalizing online poker are Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Maryland?

You can play the lottery and partake in pari-mutuel betting from the age of 18, but to enter a casino you have to be 21 or over in Maryland.

Are there live casinos in Maryland?

Yes, there are five active casinos in Maryland with a sixth planned to open in 2016. The sixth will be MGM National Harbor, a $925 million development that will feature poker tables and all the usual slots action you’d expect.

Can I make deposits in Maryland?

The only concern making deposits in Maryland would be that certain credit card companies have withdrawn their service for online gambling sites. This was a result of the crackdown by the Federal government, but the workaround is using one of the many alternatives now on the market.