Work on your bankroll at the easiest poker rooms online

One thing US poker fans like to rely on at top legal poker sites is that many inexperienced players will be trying their luck, too. This makes winning games, and cash, very easy, what with all the 'fish' about. There are plenty of sites out there where you can find easy opponents for poker games at any stake, and we've picked out the best ones for you so that you can get started right away. Take a look down this page to find out:

  • What poker fish are
  • Why you should play fishy sites
  • What the best sites are
  • Whether US sites are particularly fishy
  • What makes a site fishy
  • How to spot a fishy game
Top Legal Poker Rooms

How do we categorize poker fish?

Poker "fish" are raw players who don`t know the game and play with very little skill. If you`re looking to find legal easy poker sites, USA or elsewhere, a good rule is to find the sites with the most fish swimming around (playing at the tables).

Fish are often reckless at the table. They usually lose large amounts of real money and those who know the game will always be on the lookout for the legal poker US sites with the most fish in action.

Why you want to play at fishy poker sites

Experienced players will thrive playing legal poker`s fishiest sites, because they recognize the patterns of clueless fish at the table and can take advantage for their personal gain.

In America, when looking for easy legit poker sites in 2015, you have to look towards those that attract the most fish. The more hapless the opposition, the better the chance to come away with a big pot of winnings.

We found the best sites

There are more and more legal, US, fast cashout poker sites popping up every day, so we`ve taken the trouble to trawl through them and pick out the fishiest for you.

Our expert reviewers have identified the fishiest online lawful poker sites that are USA legal, so all you need to do is click on the link and go. We’ve made finding the easiest lawful poker rooms as easy as you’ll find winning real money off the fish that swim around in them.

Are US sites fishier than others?

US sites offer some of the easiest legal online poker rooms you`ll find on the internet. The large offering of tournaments, the attractive bonuses and the huge market of potential players in America help this.

If we’re talking about the lawful, online fishiest poker sites, America would certainly be in the equation. And with the number of novice poker players increasing by the hour, there are plenty more fish to land in the sea.

What makes for a fishy site?

Easy legal poker sites typically attract casual players through various promotions and activities, and you then find tables filled with individuals who don’t really know what they’re doing.

A fishy site would be classed as one with a large number of weak players, diluting the skill level and making for some unusual patterns of play. Chatrooms and messageboards are a good place to go for insider hints on the fishiest places to play.

How do you recognize a fishy game?

Bad poker players often have a gameplan that they refuse to vary, whatever the circumstances. This inflexibility, be it calling every bet or going all-in on every hand, is a telling sign that a fish is at the table.

Poker sites with the most fish will also see unusual real money raises, or unusually bold play from the fish swimming around. Fish can be very bad at bluffing and will place outrageous bets and make bad calls that are easy to spot.

Can fish become sharks?

We`re all poker beginners to start with, of course. And we shouldn`t be too hard on the fish that are genuinely trying to learn the game.

The key to evolving from a fish into a poker shark is spending hours at the table and paying close attention to every single detail of this beautiful game we love. But you already knew that, because you`re already a shark. Your job is to catch the fish.