Online poker in New York, your options

New York offers its fair share of live casinos, racetracks, and other physical betting venues. However, the online situation is very different as the state has not yet legalized online gambling. Legal poker games online are a tricky thing to find for New Yorkers. However, many players continue to enjoy their game, and there are potential bills and legislation changes in the works, so you may want to consider your choices. Our experts can take you through the legal situation in the state and also recommend some excellent online poker rooms for US players.

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  • Whether NY has made online poker legal yet
  • What New York is waiting for
  • What bill S6913 could mean
  • If New Yorkers can play online poker now
  • New York-based online poker sites
  • Playing other online poker sites
  • Gambling laws in New York
  • The future of online poker in NY
  • Regular poker players' FAQs
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Has New York made online poker legal yet?

The answer is no, not yet anyway. Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are the only states thus far to make it completely legal to play online poker. All three states passed bills in 2013 to that effect.

What is New York waiting for?

Not to be outdone by New Jersey, there’s talk New York could be the next to get onboard. A bill has been submitted and New York could have online legal poker in the very near future.

Breaking down bill S6913

The bill in question is S6913, namely, “an act to amend the racing, pari-mutuel wagering and breeding law and the penal law, in relation to allowing certain interactive poker games.”

It was sponsored by New York senator John Bonacic in 2013, and targets the legalization of online “skill games”, such as Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker.

Can New Yorkers play online poker right now?

We have yet to find a case of a New York resident being charged or prosecuted for playing online poker for real money. We should add that we’re not qualified legal experts, however, and you may want to seek out a more learned opinion on the matter.

The law and New York-based online poker sites

This is where the law is less grey. It’s currently illegal for an online gambling site to operate in New York. We would advise you steer clear of these websites, until a time at which they have been granted an official license.

Playing overseas poker sites and those based in legal US states

There is no shortage of overseas websites that allow New York residents to sign up, deposit money and play poker for real money online. If you’re looking for legal poker sites, strictly speaking these don’t fit the bill. But with federal law relaxed and state law yet to make a stand either way, many players in New York feel confident to go ahead.

Gambling laws in New York generally

New York allows racetrack gambling, including slot machines, and is in the process of adding to its casino count. With an onus on generating revenue, legalizing online poker appears inevitable.

The future of online poker in New York

New York won’t want to stand on ceremony. There’s money to be made and soon enough we think you’ll see a legalized online poker bill passed in New York.

New York officials are also desperate to hold onto some of the money that goes south, to the poker tables in New Jersey. One way to do that would be to make online poker accessible to New York residents, via New York-licensed providers, and keep the money in state instead.


Is online poker legal in New York?

Not yet, but most expect that to change very soon indeed.

What age do you have to be to gamble in New York?

The legal age for gambling in New York State is 21.

Are there live casinos in New York?

Yes, and there are a host more planned right now. These include four to be built in upstate New York.

Can I make deposits in New York?

The answer is almost always yes, though some legal poker sites have a wider array of deposit options than others.