Unlock a real money poker game with your Amex card

American Express users know how much their card provider looks out for them, and they like to enjoy the same privileges at an online poker room. US poker players can enjoy the highest security as well as swift, easy transactions online when it comes to real money poker games. Not every site accepts Amex, though, and so we've gone through those that do to showcase the best legal poker rooms on this page. We'll cover the following topics:

  • What is Amex?
  • Amex deposits for online poker
  • How Amex works for deposits
  • The advantages of Amex for online poker
  • The disadvantages of Amex transactions
  • The Top poker sites for using Amex
  • How we rate online poker sites
Top Legal Poker Rooms

What does Amex stand for?

‘Amex’ is the go-to name used by the banking world to refer to the successful banking services provider American Express. “Do you take Amex?” is a phrase you’ll hear all over the world, as people ascertain whether the hugely popular American Express credit card is accepted in their given establishment. The answer, in the US at least, is usually yes.

What is the Amex deposit option when it comes to online poker?

Some real money online poker websites will accept ‘Amex’ as a payment method to use for making deposits. This makes it possible to transfer cash direct from your American Express credit card to your online poker account, and then use those funds to play with. It’s a very smooth method and one many people enjoy.

How is the Amex deposit option used for poker sites?

Generally speaking a player would register with a real money poker site first, and perhaps also download the relevant software. After that step, should the legit poker Amex deposit option be available, he or she would enter the details of the credit card as required and choose an amount to deposit into their online poker account.

Do all sites accept Amex as a deposit method?

The simple answer here is unfortunately not. Some really good legit poker sites will accept Amex payments, but others don’t offer that option and you therefore will have to find an alternative. Fortunately there are plenty of options on the market these days, so you should be able to come upon a deposit method that suits your needs.

What are the advantages of using Amex for online poker deposits?

There are no more trusted credit cards in the world than those offered by American Express. To that end, it’s a reliable system for transferring funds and one that comes with lots of security measures built in, in terms of tracking for fraudulent activity and a full support service should anything go wrong. It’s also a quick and smooth transaction when you use Amex for your lawful poker site deposits.

What are the disadvantages of using Amex for online poker deposits?

The biggest problem you’ll find with using Amex for online legal poker is that some sites won’t accept it as a payment method. Just as the problem occasionally pops up for American citizens travelling abroad, so it will for real money online poker players at certain sites they want to play at. The only other issue to be aware of is that credit cards accrue interest on a monthly basis, and sometimes come with fees, so you might decide making a debit-based or wire transfer payment saves you money.

We found the best sites that accept Amex

The good news is that plenty of excellent real cash lawful poker sites DO accept Amex as a deposit method. To save you the time of trawling through them all, we’ve reviewed and rated the best of them, so you don’t have to.

What’s the criteria for rating online legal poker sites?

We’re looking for a number of elements when we rate and review Amex-friendly online poker sites. Your banking security is of utmost importance and finding a trustworthy outlet that pays out in good time. We’re also looking at strong game functionality, a variety of poker game options and an array of tournament options to keep you stimulated.