Where the law stands on online poker in Georgia

Of all the states, Georgia is tough on gambling, with no casinos or betting racetracks to be seen. Where does that leave poker fans in the state, then? Finding a legal poker game is pretty tricky, so we've gone through your options on this page to give you some advice. While no poker site can operate from Georgia, there are still plenty of quality international sites out there for US players, and our shortlist here gives you the absolute cream of them.

Take some time on this page to find out about:

  • Gambling laws in Georgia
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  • Whether online poker is legal elsewhere
  • The options for Georgia-based poker websites
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  • Georgia's online poker future
  • FAQs from Georgia poker fans
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Georgia is very conservative when it comes to gambling

When it comes to gambling, some states are more conservative than others. In Georgia, where there is not a single casino or betting racetrack in operation, pretty much every form of gambling for real cash you can think of is illegal.

Could that change for online poker?

Considering Georgia’s unwavering stance on casinos and racetrack betting, it seems unlikely a bill would be created in an attempt to legalize online gambling. Stranger things have happened, and there is always the temptation that would come about should a number of other states start making millions of dollars from online gambling, but don’t expect any immediate action in the area.

Will playing online poker in Georgia get me arrested?

Georgia authorities are not averse to going after illegal gambling activity, but there’s no record we can find of GA police going after somebody for playing online poker for real money on the internet. We’d always advise you seek your own legal counsel before playing, of course.

Online poker laws in other states

Only three states in the US have legalized online poker so far, but many others are expected to follow after the Federal government encouraged individual states to make up their own minds.

The three states that have already passed laws to allow online gambling are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Playing online poker websites based in Georgia

With the law as it stands, we certainly wouldn’t advise anybody to set up a real money online poker website in Georgia. We would also urge potential players to consult with a legal professional before even considering playing at an illegal site in Georgia. Put simply, there are plenty of better and more sensible options for you.

Can I play international real money poker in Georgia?

Yes, there are most certainly a number of international sites that will allow you to register and play online poker for real cash from GA. We’ll leave the legality question to you, but we would certainly advise you to vet websites very carefully to avoid being scammed and having your bank details stolen.

What does the future hold for online poker in Georgia?

We hate to sound pessimistic, but it might be a while before GA joins the party and makes online poker legal in the state. The good news is you’re only a drive away from Delaware and New Jersey.


Is online poker legal in Georgia?

Unlike New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, Georgia is yet to pass a bill to make online gambling legal. It’s yet to propose one either, and with a strong anti-gambling stance across the state it might be quite a while yet before anything changes.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Georgia?

You can play bingo and the state lottery from 18 in Georgia. All other forms of gambling (land-based) are illegal.

Are there live casinos in Georgia?

There are no land-based casinos in the state of Georgia, as they are illegal. There are, however, riverboat casinos departing from ports such as Savannah. Once out on the water, and out of GA jurisdiction, gambling can take place.

Can I make deposits in Georgia?

If you live in GA and decide to play real money poker online, it’s worth knowing there can be some issues with making deposits. Many of the top major credit card companies have withdrawn their services from the online poker industry, meaning that you may need to find an alternative method. Thankfully, there are lots of alternative methods and more pop up every day.