Visa makes paying for real money poker games a breeze

Heading online, US poker players know that Visa offers them the same great service and customer protection at a poker room that they would get for any other purchase. Players like to feel safe and secure when it comes to financing their game so that they can concentrate fully on what’s happening at the table. We’ve gone a step further and take out the stress of hunting out the quality poker sites. Simply scroll down this page and you’ll see all of our recommendations for the best legal poker sites that offer a quality poker experience with easy Visa deposits.

On this page you’ll find out about:

  • What Visa cards are
  • Using Visa cards for online poker
  • The speed of deposits
  • Where Visa is accepted
  • Visa’s advantages
  • Visa’s disadvantages
  • The best lawful Visa card poker sites
  • How we rate legit poker sites
Top Legal Poker Rooms

What is a Visa card? (in case you don’t know)

Visa Inc. is one of the biggest financial companies on the planet, offering a range of services and boasting one of the most recognizable brands on earth in 2015. Arguably their best-known product is the electronic transfer service they provide to companies issuing credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and suchlike.

How are Visa cards used when it comes to real money online poker?

Most real money legal poker sites will want you to register as a first step. You may also need to download some bespoke software. After that, you’ll need to make a deposit and where Visa card is accepted you can simply input your card details and choose the amount you’d like to put into online legal poker account.

How quickly will Visa card funds appear in my online poker account?

Legal poker Visa card payments will usually show instantly in your online account. The online poker site will authorize the payment in the same way a store clerk or restaurant would, confirming the funds are available and thus placing them in your deposit account. It may take a day or more before the transaction shows on the statement attached to the Visa card.

Do all sites accept Visa card as a deposit method?

Unfortunately, not all online lawful poker sites accept Visa card as a deposit method. Where Visa card is not accepted, there will usually be a range of alternatives offered and you’ll need to ascertain whether any is feasible in your given situation. If not, don’t worry, because there are plenty of legit poker Visa card-friendly sites you can go to instead.

What are the advantages of using legal poker Visa card deposits?

The greatest thing about Visa card deposits is they usually appear instantly in your online poker account - making for high convenience and allowing you to play the second you have the inclination to. The other advantage of using a Visa card is the strong level of customer support provided by Visa. If anything goes wrong, you’ll get the help you need.

What are the disadvantages of using Visa card for lawful online poker deposits?

Depending on the Visa card product you use, there could well be fees and interest applied to your account on a monthly basis. Another issue, in relation to online poker, would be the number of sites that still don’t accept Visa card as a deposit method.

We found the best sites that accept Visa card

If you want to use Visa card to deposit to your online poker account, and you’re looking for the top places to play on that basis, we’ve put together an exhaustive list of the very best real cash poker sites on the internet. Simply peruse our list, pick out the ones you like the sound of best, and get to an online legit poker table.

What are the criteria for rating online legal poker sites?

We rate your banking security as a seriously high priority. All sites on our list are vetted thoroughly for their transactional security and we’re also looking for speedy payouts. In terms of functionality, we’re looking for online poker websites that deliver strong playability value, a wide range of poker games and an attractive selection of tournament options. Check out our suggested Visa card legal poker websites.