The echeck, your key to unlocking the best online poker rooms

US poker players have been using the echeck for online poker for quite some time now, and prefer the payment method as a way of accessing funds direct from their bank account, rather than racking up a nasty credit card bill at the end of the month. Poker sites are happy to accept the payment method, but not all sites are going to provide a gaming experience of the same quality. To ensure US players get the legal poker game they deserve, we present a selection of the best poker rooms on this page.

Read on to find out:

  • What echecks are
  • About echecks and online legal poker
  • The speed of making legit echeck deposits
  • Where they are accepted
  • The advantages of echecks
  • The disadvantages of echecks
  • Where best legal echeck poker sites are
Top Legal Poker Rooms

What on earth is an echeck?

Remember the days when you used to write out paper checks to pay for everything? Those days are fast disappearing, but you’ll be glad to know there is a digital version of the check that works in almost exactly the same way in 2015. They’ve called it ‘echeck’ and it’s widely available at online real cash poker websites as a deposit method.

Echecks are also known as…

The process of sending money directly from your bank account to a provider is also regularly referred to as an ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ or ‘EFT’. What you’re doing is withdrawing available funds in your checking or savings account, and relocating those funds as payment for goods and services to a provider.

How to use echecks with legal poker online sites?

Online real money poker sites that accept echeck will first want you to register, and possibly download software that facilitates playing. After that, if you want to play for real cash, you’ll need to make a deposit. If echeck is available, you’ll simply follow the prompts, enter the requisite banking information (referencing a paper check is always a good idea) and then choose the amount you want to deposit.

How quickly will the funds appear in my legal poker account?

Most online poker sites work on the basis that legal echeck payments take between three and five days to appear in your deposit account, once they’ve triggered the payment their side. That’s the general rule of thumb, and it’s unlikely that an echeck payment would clear in less than three working days.

Do all legal poker sites accept echeck as a deposit method?

This works on a case-by-case basis. Some legal sites accept echeck as a deposit method for online poker, but others don’t. The best practice is to reference our reviews and ratings pages to find the top sites available that use echeck for deposits and go to those for your real money poker needs.

What are the advantages of using echeck for legal poker deposits?

The clearest advantage of legit echeck poker deposits is that the funds are coming directly from your bank account, and thus you don’t need to worry about credit card fees or the interest that accrues with credit cards. You can only spend what you have, and therefore it’s easier to manage you money.

What are the disadvantages of using echeck for legal poker deposits?

For some online poker players, the speed is a problem when gambling online. Echecks can take five days to clear, meaning you could be waiting a week to play real money poker after triggering the initial deposit from your bank account. There is also the issue of handing over your bank details online, though that should not be a concern if you stick to our vetted websites.

We found the best sites that accept echeck

With thousands of real cash online poker sites out there, we’ve gone to the trouble of rating the very best ones that accept echeck as a deposit method. We’ve listed them, so all you have to do is click on the ones you like and move forward with complete confidence you’re playing the best real money poker on the internet.

What are the criteria for rating legal poker sites?

We start by ensuring lawful poker sites are watertight in terms of their banking security software. One that’s clear, we look at the poker game variety on offer, the tournaments offered and the general functionality of the site.