A look at your options for playing online poker in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is unfortunately not one of the states that has legalized online gambling so far. The idea has been mooted, however, and plenty of people continue to play, even if they can't find a legal poker game. If you find the situation confusing, and would like to know where you stand, we can help. Our experts review the top poker sites around for US players, and know everything there is to know about legislation across the different states.

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Where does Massachusetts stand on online poker?

The Bay State has not yet followed the lead of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, in making online poker legal. It’s certainly been discussed, and a bill was close to being submitted in 2013, but as we stand MA remains grouped with the 47 states that do not have legal online poker in 2015.

How close did MA come to submitting a bill to legalize online poker?

Pretty close is the answer. A bill amendment entitled, ‘Internet Poker Licenses’ was suggested by 18 representatives to the house in 2013, but ultimately omitted. They had argued that online poker was already being widely played in MA, so the state may as well regulate the industry and collect the financial benefits.

What happens to residents who play online poker in MA?

Our research has not uncovered a single case of a Massachusetts resident being arrested, fined or jailed for playing online real money legal poker. That’s not to say there is no risk, however, and we would always advise consulting with a qualified legal professional.

Can I operate or play at an online poker site based in Massachusetts?

It remains illegal to operate an online poker site from MA. Licenses were suggested as part of the scotched bill, as noted above, but until such a bill is passed it’s not a smart move to try and operate such a business. Playing an MA-based online poker is also not a good idea.

How about playing global online poker sites from a MA base?

If you live in Massachusetts there are certainly a good number of poker websites that will take your registration and allow you to deposit. We would advise you select your playing destination with caution, watching out for the con artists and scam merchants on the internet. Our legal poker site guides are a good place to start for references.

What does the future hold for online poker in MA?

It’s very hard to say. Just as there are those in MA who are pushing hard for the legalization of online poker, others are fighting the law that allowed for land-based casinos in the state. Those casinos are yet to be built, and some are arguing strongly that they would have a negative impact on the area.

Why would Massachusetts consider legalizing online poker?

The primary reason would be to boost the economy. Making online poker legal and charging for licenses could bring in a good amount of money, create jobs and perhaps even give birth a thriving new industry in the state.


Is online poker legal in Massachusetts?

Not yet. The only states in the US to have legal poker online are Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Massachusetts?

You can play the state lottery and take part in pari-mutuel betting at the age of 18 in MA.

Are there live casinos in Massachusetts?

No, although three are planned and legislation was passed in 2011. Whether they see the light of day will depend on the success of the ‘Repeal the Casino Deal’ campaign, which seeks to reverse the decision before a single casino is even opened in the state.

Can I make deposits in Massachusetts?

When it comes to making deposits at real money online sites, there are usually a good number of options to choose from. Some credit card methods may not be available, as a result of the Federal crackdown on online gambling, but there are lots of very good alternatives now at legal poker sites.