Playing poker online in North Carolina

While North Carolina might not have legalized online poker, the game still has plenty of fans in the state. Many even continue to play, although they might not be enjoying strictly legal poker games. If you would like some help on understanding what the legal situation is and what the future might hold, we can help. Our experts know all about the legal situation and changes across jurisdictions. They also know an excellent online poker room when they see one, and have vetted the shortlist of top sites you can find on this page.

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Top Legal Poker Rooms

Where does North Carolina law stand on online poker?

Online poker is yet to be made legal at state level in North Carolina. The Federal government has invited all 50 states to consider the option, and pass their own bills, but North Carolina appears quite some way from making legal real money online poker a reality.

What are North Carolina’s gambling laws?

North Carolina has traditionally taken an extremely conservative view on gambling in general. When it comes to poker, only recently have “live cards” been allowed in the state’s Indian reservation casino, Harrah’s Reservation Casino in Cherokee.

What about video poker machines?

Back in 2002, there were a reported 10,000 completely legal video poker machines in North Carolina, but the authorities fought against them and eventually outlawed them completely. Some suggest illegal machines are still in operation.

Am I safe to play online poker in North Carolina?

We can’t find a record of any NC resident being arrested or charged for playing poker online. Unlike Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, there’s yet to be a state law specifically making online poker legal, but we would always suggest you get your legal advice from a qualified expert.

Online poker sites based in NC

It’s illegal to run an online gambling website in North Carolina. Those taking that risk could potentially face prosecution, so it’s probably best to avoid NC sites altogether if you’re looking for a place to play.

Playing international sites from a North Carolina base

Plenty of online real money legal poker websites will accept players in North Carolina. To find the best poker sites in the market, browse our qualified guide and be sure to read as much feedback as possible.

What are key people in NC saying about legalizing online poker?

This is what Chase Brooks, president of the Internet Based Sweepstakes Organization in North Carolina, had to say about the need for legal online poker in the state.

“It’s great the Cherokee will be getting dice games, roulette and live poker dealers but what about the people who can’t afford the $1,000 it takes to drive to the mountains, stay in a hotel and go to the casino? What about the consumer who wants to play $20 and have a good time right at home?”

What’s the future for online poker in North Carolina?

It’s very hard to say when North Carolina might pass a bill to legalize online poker. The state has been very resistant to change and there is still a sense that the ultra-conservative element of the population might see such a measure as a defining political issue.


Is online poker legal in North Carolina?

No bill has been passed at state level yet, and it may be some considerable time before it is.

What age do you have to be to gamble in North Carolina?

You can play the lottery at 18 in North Carolina, but you have to be 21 to enter a casino in the state.

Are there live casinos in North Carolina?

Yes, there are a handful of live casinos and bingo halls in North Carolina. A brand new casino resort is planned for 2015, namely Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River and Casino.

Can I make deposits in North Carolina?

This is always a tricky one to answer. After the crackdown on internet gambling by the Federal government, several credit card companies withdrew the facility for online gambling companies to use their payment method. When it comes to deposits, this has made things more complicated, but there are plenty of options available on the market.