The future of poker in California

Poker fans in California are still waiting to see if the state will join those providing legal poker online. There are a couple of pieces of legislation on the horizon that might bring about that change. In the meantime poker rooms cannot operate out of the state, although many US players continue to enjoy the game online. To see what your options are, take a look through this page and also see the sites we recommend for a quality poker game.

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  • If California residents can play international sites
  • Some of the biggest FAQs on the subject
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How close is California to legalizing online poker?

Online poker has not yet been classified as legal at state level in California, though hopes are high that a bill will pass in 2023 to change that. If that happens, California will follow the lead of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, the first three states in the US to legalize online gambling.

Bill SB 1366 and what it could mean for online poker in California

There are currently two bills pending in California that could make online poker completely legal. The first is SB 1366, which has been delayed and will likely be addressed in 2023. Here’s an extract:

“The bill would authorize eligible entities to apply for a license to operate an intrastate Internet poker web site offering the play of authorized games to players within California, as specified.”

What are California’s poker influencers saying?

“Internet poker is an important public policy, “ said Democratic state senator Lou Correa, author of bill SB 1366, in September 2014. “We need to make sure it’s done right.”

Meanwhile, a coalition of Indian tribes, who are reportedly at loggerheads in terms of proposed legislation, offered this statement.

“Instilling public confidence in the integrity of State-sanctioned Internet poker is a fundamental principle of ours.”

Advice on playing legal poker online in California

We have yet to find a case of somebody playing online poker in California being arrested or prosecuted, and there are many sources that actively encourage California residents to play at sites that allow them to me. That said, we would still advise you consult with a legal profession for clarification on the matter.

Playing legal international online poker sites in California

It remains illegal for online poker sites to operate inside California. There are many top sites based outside of America, however, who make it possible for Californians to register and play legal poker. The question of whether you take up this opportunity is one for you to research.

Transactions concerns in California

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 shut down a number of online poker operations in America and left some banking institutions wary of having involvement with poker moving forward. With the legalization of poker in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada things appear to be softening up, but there are still some frustrations when it comes to making deposits and receiving payouts from those based in the US.

What does the future hold for online poker in California?

California is known as a liberal state, and is also home to the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood. The prevailing thought is that California will soon be a hub for legal online poker, once the details of bills currently on hold are ironed out.


Is online poker legal in California?

Not yet, though it is highly unlikely an individual playing online poker in California would be charged or prosecuted.

What age do you have to be to gamble in California?

You must be 21 or older to enter a gambling institution in California. This law would also apply should online poker be legalized in the state of California.

Are there live casinos in California?

Yes there are over 150 casinos or poker venues in CA.

Can I make deposits in California?

When it comes to legal online poker, California residents will find sites that accept them to play. Not all deposit methods will be available, but you will still be able to transfer your real cash and start playing.