Playing online poker in Michigan, your options

Michigan hasn't yet opted in when it comes to legalizing online gambling, unlike some other states, but legal poker games are in high demand, with a lot of fans of the game in the state. If the Michigan situation needs clarifying for you, our experts know all about quality legal poker sites and the features they should have. They can also tell you all about legislation state by state and any potential changes on the horizon.

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  • What the future holds for legal poker
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Can I play legal poker online for real money in Michigan?

As things stand in 2015, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only three states to have passed bills that make online gambling legal. With Michigan known for its relaxed gambling laws, however, many expect the state to jump on board with similar legislation in due course.

Will I get prosecuted for playing online poker in Michigan?

We’ve found no record whatsoever of anybody being arrested or charged in relation to playing real cash poker online. In fact, many commenters believe Michigan’s law has nothing in it to expressly outlaw online poker. If that’s the case, and we do advise you consult with a legal professional above taking our word for it, then playing online poker in Michigan is completely safe.

Can I play Michigan-based poker websites?

Providing you seek out qualified advice and feel comfortable from a legal standpoint after taking it in, playing a Michigan-based real money poker website is your prerogative. Setting one up, however, is a different issue entirely. It’s illegal to run an online real money website from Michigan as things stand.

Can I access international online legal poker websites?

The answer is almost certainly yes. Many overseas legal real cash poker sites allow players in American to register, deposit funds and play hands for real money.

We’d always advise caution when it comes to playing on new sites, with so many charlatans out there setting up to steal your cash or lift your banking details. Transactional security should be of utmost important when you are considering which site to play at.

What does the future hold for online poker in Michigan?

For a state with such relaxed gambling laws, you’d have to imagine it’s only a matter of time before Michigan passes a bill that permits online gambling.

There are huge sums to be made by the authorities, from tax and licensing fees associated to online poker, and turning away from a potential economy booster would be foolish in the current economic climate.

It might not happen this year, but soon enough online poker will be completely legal in Michigan. With such a variety of gambling options already on offer, Michigan could become a genuine hub for the industry.


Is online poker legal in Michigan?

Not yet it isn’t. So far only Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have passed laws to make online gambling legal in their states. Michigan fans of online poker are holding out hope that their good state will be part of the “second wave” to follow suit and do the same.

What age do you have to be to gamble in Michigan?

Michigan residents can play the state lottery, bingo and indulge in pari-mutuel betting from the age of 18. Michigan’s casinos would usually require players to be 21 and over, though some do accept players from 18 and up.

Are there live casinos in Michigan?

Yes, there are well over 20 live casinos in Michigan, including a number in Detroit. Among them are the MGM Grand in Detroit, Turtle Creek Casino in Williamsburg and Gun Lake Casino in Wayland.

Can I make deposits in Michigan?

Federal intervention a few years ago had a few of the major credit card companies running scared of the online poker market. For that reason, it’s not always straightforward making deposits to US or international-based real cash legal poker websites. Thankfully, a wide variety of alternatives are on the market and new solutions are being developed all the time.