Take your poker game anywhere with Android

The smartphone market, particularly the Android market, is huge, and the leading legal poker sites all bend over backwards to offer flexible and fast poker gaming to mobile users. US poker fans are treated to some sophisticated apps for Android devices that ensure games are fast and fun, whatever the screen size. We've put together a list of the best online poker rooms for Android users to get you to the tables quicker.

What you can find out on this page:

  • Why Android is good for poker
  • How to Find the top Android poker sites
  • Good banking security
  • The best sites for playability
  • Options specific to Android users
  • The features American users can enjoy
  • Real money legit poker games for Android devices
  • The future of Android poker
Top Legal Poker Rooms

The advantages of using android for poker

The android market is booming in 2015. Brands like Samsung, Sony and HTC have answered the iPhone with hugely popular handset options and using android devices to play legal American poker sites is an increasingly popular option.

If you’re into legal poker, android offers remarkable flexibility. You can take your poker experience anywhere with internet connectivity, and find yourself playing for real money whenever it best suits your schedule.

We found the best sites for legal android poker

There are myriad sites offering lawful online poker on android. There are also standalone apps specifically designed for android. So how do you know which are the best and most secure ones to use?

The good news is we’ve done the work for you. We’re reviewed, ranked and rated legal poker US android options, so all you need to do is reference our list and know you’ll be the smartest smartphone choice for real cash poker.

Secure android poker

Key to your enjoyment of legal android poker sites in the USA, is their banking security. We take this area extremely seriously, and vet all sites and apps to ensure their security software is maintained to the highest standard.

Legit US android poker sites are plentiful, but if choose the wrong one there’s the possibility your banking details could be compromised. We take the worry out of the equation.

Top android sites and apps for function

If you choose to play at a lawful android poker site, that is legal in the USA, you want the best experience possible. Our ratings also take into account the key factors that enhance real money play.

We’re looking at the tournaments available, range of legal poker options and also the speed of payouts to winners.

Options specific to Android

Android legal poker sites offer a range of options. Some provide software to download to your device; others can be downloaded as an android app that launches straight into game mode.

The android app market is growing every day. Real cash poker sites are developing more and more android-friendly apps, to make for wider choice and a better poker experience all the time.

Options specific to US players

Android users in the US will have access to some real money legal poker sites and apps that aren’t available worldwide. Many developers focus on the US market as a priority.

US players on android also benefit from superb nationwide connectivity. This mean playing real money lawful poker on the go is nearly always an option, and there are fewer and fewer places you can be dealt a hand on your android device.

Playing real money poker on android

In poker, as in life, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Play money legit poker is a nice introduction to the game, but real money poker is where the real excitement is.

Playing real money legal poker on android is the closest you’ll get to the buzz of being on a casino table in Las Vegas. The stakes up the excitement, and there’s always the possibility your game ends in glory and you go home richer for it.

The future for legal android poker

With sales of android devices soaring, and android apps increasing by considerable number every day, it’s safe to say lawful android online poker has a very bright future. Android legal poker is only going to get bigger and bigger.

We should expect more and more real cash poker apps designed for android, and more and more players to at virtual tables via their android devices.