New Jersey welcomes you to play online poker rooms

One of the three states to legalize online gambling, New Jersey combines the live casino hub of Atlantic City with a selection of top quality casino and legal poker sites. US players will never be short of choice in the state, though this isn't always a good thing. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the decision of which poker room to trust, take a look through our list of recommended poker sites, all fully tested and vetted by our experts.

Furthermore, on this page we'll tell you about:

  • Legal poker in New Jersey
  • Why the legalization law passed
  • The implications of federal law
  • Which NJ sites are legal
  • Interstate online poker
  • Making deposits in New Jersey
  • FAQs from regular players
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New Jersey the third state to legalize online poker

In February 2013, New Jersey became the third state to legalize online gambling when Governor Chris Christie signed a bill he hoped would bring millions of dollars into the state.

New Jersey followed Nevada and Delaware in passing an online gambling law. Those three states remain the only ones in which playing online poker for real money is completely legal.

Reasons for New Jersey passing the law

New Jersey’s answer to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, was hit hard by the recession and was finding the competition harder to overcome. The state needed something to revitalize its gambling revenue and the obvious answer would be found online.

“I am confident that we are offering a responsible yet exciting option that will make Atlantic City more competitive while also bringing financial benefits to New Jersey as a whole,” said Governor Christie after signing the bill.

Where does federal law stand on New Jersey?

Federal law was responsible for the infamous Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, but since then all attempts to move the agenda forward have stalled.

There’s a sense from those involved that federal interests are now best served by allowing things to be worked out state-by-state. No further federal invention is expected.

Which online poker sites are legal in New Jersey?

There are currently six authorized sites for “continuous 24-hour internet gaming operations” in New Jersey, with resorts partnered to online gaming sites for maximum profile and reach.

Trump Plaza Associates, for example, uses the Betfair gaming platform. Tropicana Casino and Resort has a partnership with Virgin Casino, owned of course by Sir Richard Branson. Borgata Hotel and Spa has a similar deal in place for Bwin to provide online gambling services.

Is interstate poker legal in New Jersey?

At the time of writing, there is yet to be a law passed that allows New Jersey residents to play online poker against residents of other states. We should expect that to change in due course, however.

Finding the best legal poker sites in New Jersey

When it comes to legal poker, New Jersey has a good selection of established players in the market to choose from. Reading player reviews of the sites approved for play is a good place to start, as well as referencing our comprehensive ratings.

Having made online real money poker legal, New Jersey has a responsibility to ensure the licensed sites are trustworthy and operated with your banking security as a priority.

Making deposits and cashing out in New Jersey

Deposit methods offered will vary site by site, but as legal poker online evolves in New Jersey we should expect a greater array of choice beyond 2015. The 2006 UIGEA left some credit card companies reticent to deal with gambling-related payments, but a softening of stance is inevitable in that area.

The same factors apply to real cash withdrawals.


Is online poker legal in New Jersey?

Yes. A state bill was passed in 2013 to allow licensed online gambling companies to provide the facility to New Jersey-based players.

What age do you have to be to gamble in New Jersey?

The minimum gambling age in New Jersey is 21.

Are there live casinos in New Jersey?

Yes. Atlantic City is a well-known casino hub in New Jersey, on the east coast of America.

Can I make deposits in New Jersey?

Yes, if you use the licensed online sites approved by New Jersey at state level.